Here are some comments from our valued customers.

We have been using Bill's belts for few years now. You will not find a better rebuilt belt than Bill's. Bill and Robin are super people; have been to their place a few times; always welcomed. I would highly recommend Bill and Robin's business, as we have always been treated fairly and honestly; and the product is next to none. Yours truly, Bob Southoff, Radical Restorations - Alberta Canada

Bill Edwards does a great job on seat belt restoration. I have acquired complete sets of E and B body seat belts from him. He provides everything needed to complete the installation from belts to bolts everything. He stands by his work, is knowledgable about the products he provides and has great customer support. His prices are reasonable. The quality and strength of his seat belts are comparable to OEM capabilities, which I appreciate. When I need parts, I get good, quick service. They show up quickly and everything I need is provided. I just grab some tools and put 'em in. If there is ever a question, concern or otherwise, Bill stands by his products. His workmanship is outstanding and his integrity a benchmark for other parts suppliers to follow. Bill is old school in a new world and he gets it done. Charlie Clark - Maple Valley, WA